Is It Possible To Have Multiple Stores With Each Assigned Its Own Dedicated Warehouses For Each Store?

Dear all,

We have an ecommerce setup on CSCart ( 4.9.x - ultimate version) and now we are planing to expand our operations between few other countries.

Initially our website was primarily targeted on one country. Later we adopted few addons to control the visibility of products on other countries other than targeted country.

We did not create multiple store front for each country at that moment because the current set up was enough for us.

But now the management have planed to open up stores on selected countries and needs each countries to have its own store front to manage the stocks.

I would like to know that is it possible to achieve this with CSCart default setup?

We know we can solve the problem for multiple storefronts by creating new stores for each country.

But what about having local warehouse for each storefront? is that possible? or do we need to do any developments?

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CSC introduced the Warehouses addon in 4.11 but it only works for multi store and multi vendor. Some of us are trying to get CSC to make it available for single stores as well.

Cart-power made this add-on for us. You could contact them.

Thank you 'The Tool' and 'Flow' for your suggestions,

Really appreciate your replies.

We will also explore some more ideas.

Thank you,