Is it possible to have different prices for each currency ?

Well if you have multiple currencies then you will have a little problem. When you set a tasty price in Euro € you will get an ugly price in USD$. Example:

199 € => 265.36 $

Is there any way to make the USD 259$ ? And im not talking about currency rates. I am talking about different prices for each currency and product. :rolleyes:

Any ideas?


How about if we make a cutom product field named “price_in_usd”.

Then [COLOR=“Blue”]If[/COLOR] display currency [COLOR=“Blue”]is[/COLOR] USD [COLOR=“Blue”]make[/COLOR] [COLOR=“Red”]$product_price[/COLOR] = [COLOR=“Red”]$price_in_usd[/COLOR]

But i have no idea where to write the code. Or how to implement it into CS cart.