Is It Possible To Connect A Downloadable Product To Another Product?

if we sell a tricycle, as an example, we want the .pdf owners manual to be available after the order for the tricycle has been placed.

Is there something I'm not getting? Ideally, it would just hang out in their downloads in "My Account" and only products they have purchased will show there for the set time and disappears after purchased.

Any suggestions?


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Why you cannot mark general product as downloadable? Download key TTL ( time to live ) can be changed on the Settings -> General page.

Hi eCom,

We can make a product and mark it as downloadable. The issue is it is two products. A product that we ship and electronic copy of the owners manual.

We can:

Create the product and sell it.

Create the manual and set it for download.

We want to make it so that when the product is sold, the download is automatically added to their cart or available in "downloads."

maybe it's not possible.


The easiest way is to add Free product promotion

If the general product is added to the cart, second product will be added to the cart automatically at zero price

What do you think about it?

Goto Settings/General and tick the "Enable selling downloadable products:" checkbox.

On your product detail page, you should have a new tab named "Files to sell". Click that tab and fill out the form and download the file(s) you want associated with that product.

You can change the language variable for 'edp_access_granted" to read how you want (default is "Now you can download the purchased products.").

Your customers will then receive a separate email that looks like:

Dear John,

Now you can download the purchased products.

100g Pants
Test file (16 bytes)

Thank you for using our shopping cart.

I just tested this in 4.3.3 and I'd expect it would work on all versions of the cart (though the "Enable selling downloadable products:" checkbox is relatively new).

The first link should be a link to the order and the 2nd (or more) links should let them download the file(s).

I think that will work Tbirnseth.

We were trying to do it as a downloadable product... and we missed the connection of already having product "Tri-cycle" and just using the tab for the Manual.

I'll give it a whirl, thanks. This makes sense that you physically buy the tri-cycle and the manual is attached to it via the tab so becomes downloadable.


Yep, but now that they've added a setting to enable the tab, it makes no sense at all! :-)

Not sure tab space is that valuable that you have to have settings to enable downloads.

If there are not thousands of these tricycle riders out there hunting for manuals
then why not just put a link to a pdf ( on a separate web page ) in the tricycle description.

I think he wants it to go with the order so that it's available from the customer's desktop. Plus, if they bought 5 different things, they should get all the links in one email (easy to find later when they can't figure out how that pedal is held on...)

Lol, that is exactly it.

We tried the route of putting a link but people don't always "See" the link and we have to answer emails about where to get the documents.

We were just hoping as Tbirnseth said, to make it available whether they d/l it or not.

It could be anything, let's say it's a warranty. Taking the time to pack all the physical papers is ridiculous and riddled with errors when pickers/packers simply miss a sheet.

Maybe the best thing to do in the end is to create a d/l page and list each document then setup a KB on where to find it and link to the page.

I do appreciate all the insight.

Why not just include a link to a pdf (on a different web page) in the trike description if there aren't hundreds of these tricycle riders looking for manuals?