Is it possible to add button 'download all files'?


Help me please, how to implement a feature for downloading all files for the Order after a purchase. We have about 3 files for each downloadable product so when a customer buys 5 products, he need to downlaod 15 files :( Is it possible to make it in one click?

Downloading of files is difficult to do in a loop without queueing.

Why don't you bundle your products so that a single archive contains what's needed for the purchase of an item.

I don't know how to make bundles within cs-cart. There is only buy together addon that helps make certain conbination, but what if I need many custom combinations with many products…

I was talking about bundling what you deliver versus a bundle within the cart.

Let's say you sell an promotional kit that consists of 3 separate archives of data that the client is to use. One is the actual software and 2 are additional data that can be used by the software. So you have 3 things to download to the client when they purchase the product.

My suggestion was that you take those 3 things and put them together in one zip file (or other archive format) so the customer only downloads 1 object. But when they extract it, it becomes 3 separate archives that they can then extract as they wish.

Ok, I see, thanks for the idea. May be it’s really what I will do. The disadvantage is that a customer will download all the files for the product but sometimes he don’t need all of them. For small files it’s not a problem, but there are some products with about 500 MB of additional files (additional formats that not every customer needs). Anyway thanks for the help, Tony :)