Is CS Cart same as open cart?

I have hosted my website - on open cart - Shot Blasting Machine
I have question about it. is CS cart or open cart same or CS cart have more feature than open cart.

I have used both carts multiple times. As a cart they are very similar. Cs-cart comes with more features by default, but I have found many of these features I do not need and they just cause bloat, complexity and slow speed. I wish cs-cart offered a slimmed down version for basic shop owners. For my basic shops I use Opencart. It is easier to use, faster and just comes with the basics. You can easily add any missing features you need by adding add-ons. Many of these add-ons are free, I am yet to pay for one that I needed. Opencart also has a larger community if you need help. So basically it comes down to how complicated and what features you need in a shopping cart. Also one is free and one is not.

Some Modification Addons I used in Opencart (most of these are in cs-cart by default):
•Admin Full Category Selection
•Coupon Checkout Page
•Featured Plus
•Recently Viewed
•Remove Opencart Ads
•Toggle Product Status
•US Date Format
•View Cart and Checkout links as buttons
•Filter By Category


CS-Cart has lots of advantages comparing to standard OpenCart distribution.

The ones that come to my mind are:

  • WYSIWYG editor of the layout with drag’n’drop feature
  • Realtime theme editor
  • Prudct variations out of the box
  • tons of shipping methods and payment methods for local markets
  • Standard CS-Cart also comes techsupport period that helps you to get used to the product and solve various issues

Also I wanted to note that CS-Cart now comes in a free edition:

It’s a free shopping cart, which stays professional, flexible, and feature-rich.

Build a free website with shopping cart based on the professional open source eCommerce platform that has been successfully powering online businesses for 17 years.