Is Buy Together the same as Bundle?



A bundle is typically multiples of an individual product, whereas Buy Together is typically used as a marketing tool used to increase the total order amount by prompting the purchase of additional, (different) items.

When I used to work at, a bundle to us was a product we didn’t make a lot of margin on, combined with a product (or products) we did make a lot of margins on. For example, when the PS2 came out, our margin on the console was about 2%. So to make some money, we bundled that PS2 with 5 games which were at 50% margins. A customer couldn’t just buy a PS2 s/he had to buy the bundle. The reason we could do that was that the PS2 was a hot seller and no one had them, unless you wanted to lay down over a grand or more on Ebay.

The only thing I can think of that’s comparable in CSC is required products, but that’s not a bundle. A bundle would be Product A (low margin) coupled with Products B,C,D. Or Product A bundled with Products X,Y,Z. That’s to give the customer a choice of which bundle they want. CSC required products won’t let you do that.