Is Anyone Using Merchium?

I am thinking of moving over to Merchium but I am not 100% sure what they offer or how it works.

I guess it works just the same as a private server but Merchium takes care of all server problems?

Maybe someone who is using the service can let me know if they are happy with it.

I suppose it works as a private server

Merchium is SAAS service. You should not worry about server configuration / maintenance.

I think Merchium is over-priced. For that money I would consider another SAAS.

Merchium is a unique product. It's an online shopping cart that you can use everywhere without compromises.
With Merchium, you create a store once and then just paste a few lines of code anywhere you want the store to appear, be it your Facebook page, Wordpress blog, or a custom webpage.
Your store will also work perfectly on mobile devices since Merchium ships with solid mobile support by Twigmo.
Merchium is an extraordinarily powerful web shopping cart solution. We stand on the shoulders of giants—Merchium is based on the CS-Cart software, which has been on the market for almost a decade.
The full list of e-commerce features available in Merchium is huge, you better just try it yourself.