Is Anyone Else Having Problems Again "wysiwyg Editors" In 4.1.2?

On version 4.0.3 I seemed to only be able to use the “Redactor” because the other 2 wysiwyg editors seemed to delete some of the html. Now on version 4.1.2 the “Redactor” no longer seems to work properly but I was able to get “TinyMCE” to work correctly. Has anyone else found this to be true?

I have not tested “CKEditor” yet to see what it does.

Redactor is a pain, it seems to strip most html elements out when using the source code editor in 4.0 and 4.1. I tend to stick with CKEditor in V4, because I exported the layouts in 4.1.1 and went for a clean install of 4.1.2, imported the layouts. All was good until I opened a custom Smarty block in TinyMCE and noticed it wipes out elements. CK seems to be good for most elements so far in 4.1.2.

CKEditor also strips out HTML code; it removes any classes or ID tags from elements. All of the editors seem to do this now in 4.1+, and didn't in 4.0.1…