Is anyone else frustrated with Cs-Cart?

Just wondering if anyone else is as frustrated with CS-cart and their support? We've had a license since v1.3.5 and our sites have grown substantially from their initial launch. The consistent changing of the codes in between versions is becoming such a hassle and the fact that it doesn't seem like they are releasing any bug fixes for the older versions is not good.

We found a bug that is costing us time and money ([url=“”][/url]) and they acknowledge that it was a bug. The “fix” they provided just creates a popup that will show if they try to proceed. The problem is this is a standard browser popup(attached) when you are trying to navigate away from a page and the customer has no idea why this is showing. Nor does it mention that you must click the recalculate button in order to save your option changes.

Instead of properly fixing their product, this “patch” is all they will provide and we have to pay for custom development services in order for the cart to function properly.

You probably saying, why not just use the “simultaneous” product type. Problem with that is you still have customers that forget to select a color even when the default is “please select one”.

Plus it seems that there are only 1 or 2 support techs that ever respond to my tickets and the first response is usually

[quote][color=#555555]Thank you for your message.[/color]

[color=#555555]We will contact you at the first opportunity. However, I am afraid that our technical support department is loaded heavily at the moment. You should expect our answer not earlier than in 1-2 days. We apologize for any possible inconveniences.[/color][/quote]

Then after a few days pass, you need to post a reply to get their attention again and a response.




Or the famous one liner…

[quote]We will take your request into account and most probably it will be realized in the future versions.[/quote]

How many times has this been quoted in the bugtracker, yet the bug fix is never issued. Guess it's a bit like tomorrow, it'll never come so just fix it yourself and move on.

Please feel free to contact us for a fix at CS-Cart Templates - CS-Cart Skins - CS-Cart Addons - CS-Cart Mods

I been frustrated at times and been with them since the first one,but you have to remember they are greatly improving it while other shopping carts can not follow or catch up so it is painful at times but the end result is always a ultra fine product and gets better and better hands down…

I have also been with CS Cart almost since the beginning.

I have two thoughts -

  1. Yes they have very poor service at times example I have posted a bug or two that they simply ignored and sometimes the English skills of their support team is weak.

  2. They are still a good value and although I have abandoned two out of 3 licenses I am still using one license at least for now.

    Also they are much better than XCart.

Yes, I am highly frustrated. CS-Cart checkout doesn't currently suit my business. Where the Billing and Delivery address is always different. I guess it doesn't affect majority of cscart current users. But maybe if they add this functionality, they may pick up more customers with my requirements.