Is a static IP useful?

The static IP ithat I have is an extra $16 per month.

The reason I got it was that I was getting on spam lists in the past using a dynamic IP.

I now have zero spam problems but I also switched over to using Google for my email around the same time as I got the static IP. So perhaps it was using Google that fixed my problem?

Don't you also need a static/dedicated IP for your SSL cert?



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Don't you also need a static/dedicated IP for your SSL cert?




Yes, but there is no connection with my question - I am talking about my Internet provider - sorry for any confusion.

Searching on Google some say that a static IP helps with VOIP which I use.

You only need a static IP for your SSL if you are dealing with browsers from the IE6 era. All browsers today use name-based ssl.

But it is good for debugging issues and easier on Apache to manage site->IP versus all sites on one IP.

Ah, I get it now, sorry.

Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you. If you are using Google and not having any problems, I'd rather save the $16 per month, if it were me.



Static IP can have advantages (for example, you can allow only your IP to manage your shop) but for general use I don't see the need.

It also has disadvantages: you will be super easy to trace and might be easier to hack (correct me if I'm wrong).

I've never heard anything about receiving more spam and having a dynamic IP.


I have aslo heard that dynamic IPs have some security advantages but we could both be wrong.

I called Vonage tech support yesterday and they said that there would be a small improvement in audio quality with a static IP in terms of packets being sent.

However, the support guy was in India and I am not 100% certain that I understood him correctly.


My email is fine these days (post a switch to using Google servers) but I have some problems with VOIP phone calls to third world countries - which Vonage usually fixes but only temporarily when I call.

So perhaps I will drop the static IP and use the money I save for 3rd world phone calls on a mobile phone or wired phone.


Thank you for your ideas.

Gee, either this thread really moved from topic, or I'm lost… Probably the latter…

What does QOS (Quality of Service) router packet prioritization (VOIP stuff) have to do with static IP's for a cart that is hosted somewhere?


I don't think this ever had anything to do with the shopping cart. I think this was about a static IP for an ISP connection and if that is better to protect against spam. Now it includes VOIP too.

I think this was just about looking for our opinions on if it matters to pay extra for a dedicated IP through and ISP. Unfortunately, I have no clue. Personally, I'd save the $16 per month, but I'm cheap.