Is a global discount automatic or??

Hi, I’ve created a glodal discount of 50% off between 11/28-11/30. Is that all I need to do, or do my customers need to enter a discount code in order to get the discount?



create the coupon and assign the date and value

(step 1)

you need to apply it to ALL your products

(step 2)

If you make a discount COUPON (globally) a coupon code will be generated for you and you have your customers enter it into the coupon code box at checkout.

If you make a GLOBAL Discount just fill in the details

Ok I made the discount, under the Global Discount tab, but there’s no option to apply it to all products. Does the “global” part already take care of that?

yes…(sorry for the confusing directions)

Great, thanks!

If anyone wants to buy soy candles, tealights, votives, tin candles, jar candles, handmade soaps, etc. - we have everything at 50% off between tomorrow (11/28) & 11/30! Then everything is 25% off til the end of the year. :wink: