Is 136Mb a large database?

I optimize our database (through CS-Cart) regularly - but our database seems large to me.

Current database size: 136,114,235 bytes

We have approx 2000+ products, 6000+ orders & 4,500+ users.

I recently cleared the logs - but that only recovered about 2Mb.

Is 136Mb about right - or is it too large for some reason…

I ask because our store has only been live for about 5 months - and at this rate of growth in a couple of years the database will be huge and presumably slow up the website!

I've had the Visitor stats running for a few months - I don't suppose it could be them 'bulking' out the database could it?

I clear out our visitor stats and logs every week or so, makes a difference, we have about 5000 products and about 2100 visitors a week. The stats do bulk it up. but ours hovers around 50 meg after clearing them out.


Thanks John -

I just cleared the Visitor Logs - and the database dropped to 53Mb!!

I never imagined the visitor logs would hog so much memory!

It is the session info that is held in the same table. It doesn't take memory, just disk space.