Is 1.3.5sp2 now considered stable enough for an upgrade to

I have not been to the forum for a while so was wondering on what the latest thoughts are on this.

I have been very busy on non cs-cart stuff (bricks and mortar) and was thinking that the time has now come to push on with my store development - active but low on content and hence sales.

I am on 1.3.4sp3 to which I have made a couple of easy mods.

1.3.5sp2 has some nice features that I would like and I would also like to be putting effort in with the new system and learning through using it. But at the same time I do not want to be getting to bogged down with technical stuff so that the store content does not move on for another period.

For example - there seems to be loads of issues just on the upgrade process. I did have a play when sp2 came out but store manager failed and another half day plus was wasted.

Anyone got any thoughts on this.

(Any news on an sp3)

For the most part it is stable. There are a few minor bugs here and there that seem to be getting worked out slowly but surely.

The hurdle is the actual upgrade, in which you have already experienced.

1.3.5 sp2 is “stable” to my testing and developments.

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… oh and sp3 will be out within the month[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Nice one Jesse, i can just see that. :wink:

I’ll be doing the 1.3.4sp3 → 1.3.5sp2 jump soon… not looking forward to the transfer, but 1.3.5sp2 itself looks to be the goods :smiley: