Ipb Forum Problems On Android After Update

Hi guys,

We've made some improvements in the Upgrade Center and Upgrade package and we need your help to make sure it works fine on all servers with all databases.

[b]What we need:[/b]
- We need access to servers with [b]copy[/b] of your live store to make a test upgrade on it.

[b]How can you help:[/b]
You can either:
- Provide us with access to your server and confirm that allow us to clone your live store to a subfolder for the experiment.
- Make a clone of your store yourself and provide us FTP/SSH access to the folder with this store

In order to do this please post ticket a new ticket to Help Desk. with
"Upgrade to 4.3.4 testing for imac" title and don't forget to add Access Information.

Please create ticket only in case you had some problems with upgrade to 4.3.2 or to 4.3.3.
Thank you!

- I will personally control all these tests.
- Your live store won't be affected, absolutely.

When will the forum be back for us android users?