I am a newbie here, so forgive me for asking a silly question:

Is it possible to generate multiple invoices based on the product code?

I have multiple suppliers which are differentiated by the first two letters of the product code. If a customer were to order two or items from two or more suppliers, I would want to send out the appropriate number of “invoice emails” to my suppliers. Each “invoice email” would contain only the item(s) that that specific supplier carries.

Is this possible? and if so, how would I do it.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Just asking, but isn’t this a basic part of the Suppliers functionality? What version are your running and are these items setup by Supplier?

Like I said, I am a newbie. The documentation that I had was not straight forward (to me) on this subject matter. Could you point me to a URL or user manual that will cover this topic in greater detail? I have searched on Google, but I was unable to find what I wanted.




User manual, that’s funny.

Do you have your products assigned to the various suppliers or are you just doing it with the product code?

If you have the products assigned to the suppliers than an email should automatically be sent to the supplier when an order is made.

You might have to enable it though. To enable the supplier email, just go to Order => Order Statuses => Click on the status => Make sure the appropriate checkboxes are checked.

If you don’t have the products assigned to your suppliers than I think that would have to be the first step.

I’d recommend setting up a dummy supplier and then assigning some test products to it. Then you can “purchase” those test products and be sure that the supplier invoice is being sent correctly.

Hope that helps,