Invoices vs Orders

hi… one really huge missing feature of CS-Cart are Invoices (independent from Orders)

the topic was talked several time in latest years: usually Invoices need a proper sequential numeration (maybe with codes like: I2009-nnn)

since CS-Cart just manages orders, and uses them also as invoices, i was proposing CS-cart people to add at least a separate text field to the orders table: “invoice number”, which could be filled automatically (or modified manually) when an order gets completed status (ie: it has been paid)

what do you think?

do you see a simplier solution?

or should i start thinking about having Invoices only in external account applications, and use orders export (or module like the Quickbooks one) ?



csc auto detect the invoice number, but i also not like this feature. They must have to make a invoice number manually. You said right there must be custom field.

Add this suggestion in bug tracker and see what reply comes.

just added a feature request:


let’s hope! :slight_smile: