I've created new order status (X) it decreases item inventory and Invoice/Credit memo: creates Invoice. But in Total paid, orders marked with this status are shown as not paid. Why is that?


Hello, Darius!

By default, the total paid amount is calculated for Completed and Processed statuses.

You need to add your order status to the fn_display_order_totals() function in the “orders.php” file located in the “controllers/admin” directory of your CS-Cart installation.

Thank you very much for answer!

Added following

[quote]if ($v['status'] == 'C' || $v['status'] == 'P' || $v['status'] == 'X')[/quote]

But totally paid: getting: 0 if wanting to see X status orders

I would like to know the cure too - I tried to add extra statuses into the same function, yet it made no odds.

orangegirl> Would you comment something here please?