Invoice Width?

I noticed the invoice.tpl is hard coded with a width of 602px

Before I change this to a larger number, I was curious why such a strange hard coded value of 602? Does it have something to do with email widths? Any harm upping it.

Any simple way to up it for when the page is printed? 602 looks too narrow when printed.


Why don't you use new invoice editor? I really cannot understand the logic of how invoice.tpl was created and how on earth do thousands of people use and were using for a long time it for book keeping..

PS not sure what version you are on, but if on one before invoice editor was released, then it is not enough just to increase size of 602px. This main white page withing invoice is surrounded with grey border that is a margin, it has to be removed. Then some max-width or even 100% can be set..

First of all, check if your version supports the email editor Darius is talking about.

If not, I have changed completely the invoice.tpl so if you need any help I think I could help you.

We are locked in at CS-Cart 4.3.10 due to custom edits. I can easily edit the invoice.tpl file (I have already moved around many items), I am curious though if making it wider impacts any email programs? There has to be a strange reason why cs-cart hard coded it to such a narrow width.

Does CS-cart have a CSS element built-in that is triggered for only Printing?


What I have done is to turn my widths in % values.

So I don't experience any problem until now..

I don't know the answer in this question.. :/