Invoice Variable Combinations?

Hi There,

Trying to configure invoices so that they comply with local regulations.

Product Table should show (using example numbers):

Description - Price - Quantity - Total

iPhone - 100,000 - 2 - 200,000

Android - 50,000 - 3 - 150,000

Subtotal: 350,000

Shipping: 0

Payment Surcharge: 0

Discount Code: DISCOUNT1 (10% for example)

Discount Applied: 35,000

Total: 315,000

But I can't seem to get the totals to line up.

The first total (on the right hand side) shortens by a few thousand. I am trying to use {{(p.original_price * p.amount)}} but it's not working.

How would I also then be able to sum the totals for each product to get the subtotal? I assume the final Total on the bottom would stay the same.

Thanks, and have a great weekend.