Invoice translation - Product info not translated


I set up 2 invoices sent after checkout:

  • Customer invoice: in storefront language (English or Vietnamese) (fine)
  • Orders department invoice: in Administrator panel default language (Vietnamese). (with issues)

    The problem is: In the Orders department invoice, all fields are translated correctly to Vietnamese except: order status, payment method, and especially product info (product name, code, options).

    Upon closer investigation, I found out only the language translation variables (Admin panel>Content>Languages>Translations) were translated. Any fields that I manually translated like product description (not a translation variable), those were not shown translated on that invoice.

    In case you wonder, I have order status, payment method, and product info in 2 languages in my cs cart. It’s not that I forgot to translate those fields. When customer invoice is sent in Vietnamese, all fields are translated correctly. Something wrong with orders department invoice setup.

    Anyone knows how I can have those fields translated correctly?

    Attached is orders department invoice with not-translated fields highlighted.

    Thank you in advance.


If the customer placed the order in Vietnamese then the admin view of the product data in the order should also show in Vietnamese (I think). I believe the product data translation happens when the order is created and since that is in the customer view, it should be done using the descriptions based on the language. You do have the product name and descriptions translated to Vietnamese, right?

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I do have everything translated.

I just got a message from help desk saying this is the bug in current version, 2.1.4 and they are working on it.