Invoice.tpl: Problems With Taxes On Products

Hi at all!

I need editing the “invoice.tpl” file in my Cs-Cart Professional software (ver. 2.2.4).

Can anyone help me?

I have to make several changes to this file…

In my store there are some different tax value and I need a sub-total of products based on VAT rate (ex. products with VAT 4%, products with VAT 10%, and so on)…

The bill should look like this (see attached file…):

(Note. Products have to be ordered by “VAT rate” ascending o descending, not important)

Also, Mark rights have to be taxed in my country. In Cs-cart professional, payment C.O.D. (cash on delivery) doesn't use Tax value system… How can I do?

Your help will be appreciated…


example based on tax rate.pdf

Can anyone help me solve this problem?

It 's very important for me… :confused: