Invoice Templates For Emails - Edit Tracking Numbers

I mark an order shipped and include tracking number, the customers gets an email saying their order shipped and the email includes the same invoice with the tracking now. How can I edit this area of the invoice?

I want to link the make the links clickable by turning that number into a link but I can't find the template for it?

Using CS-Cart 4.3.4

Are you using the new document editor for your emails? Or are you using the original smarty templates for emails?

For the smarty templates, the code should be in app/design/themes/responsive/mail/templates/orders/invoice.tpl

I see the code invoice.tpl

How do I edit what is being called from {$smarty.capture.carrier_url nofilter} because the link is outdated and leads to a 404 page. FedEx changed their tracking url structure.

For your version, carrier URL can be changed here


Do not forget to clear cache then