Invoice shows "0" where text should be

I have several text fields. After filling them out and adding to cart, everything looks ok.

However, Options that were filled in with text only indicate “0”

In the invoice and in the order information in the Admin.

Below is a cut and paste from the emailed invoice. There were three areas where text was filled in and only shows “0”. There were no error messages when placing the order.

I have no mods and no code or skin alterations. I am using 1.5 sp3.


NAVYBLUE Options: Items For Cartoons: Matted Print (8x10)-Navy Blue Matte (+$10.95), Name: [COLOR=“Red”]0,[/COLOR] Blackboard 4 Lines:[COLOR=“Red”] 0,[/COLOR] Above the Blackboard: [COLOR=“Red”]0 [/COLOR] 1 $10.95 581 $0.66 $10.95

Note: I do have another post related to configuration. Possibly related.




Any comments on this?

Images are attached.

Thanks for any ideas.






I get the same thing. This problem has only happened since the upgrade to 1.5.3. My install was a clean 1.5.3 and restore data.

Pretending to be a customer, I get to see the text all the way through until I receive the invoice then “0” on the invoice.

From the Admin point of view, when you View Orders, it’s still “0” unless you Edit the order, then you get to see the text.

I suspect this is a bug in v1.5.3.

Anyone with a fix? Ahhh CS-CART team assistance maybe?



Thanks Greg,

I just upgraded to SP3. Thought maybe I did something wrong. Glad I am not the only one, but surprised no one else reported it.

I am going to enter this as a bug since I am not the only one reporting this now.


I thought the same thing when I did my upgrade, but was comforted knowing mine was a clean install.

My money is on a bug too. Please let me know if you hear anything, I’ll do the same.



P.S. Surely, there must be others here with the saem problem?

It was a bug, solution can be found at:


[quote name=‘imac’]It was a bug, solution can be found at:


Thanks IMAC, works beautifully. Once again, thanks to the CS-CART community.