Invoice sent with every status change

When the status of the order changes, we want to inform the customer, but we don’t need the entire invoice sent each time. The only need the full invoice once. The other emails could just be the line in the header without the entire invoice.

Is there a way to set that up? So it only sends the invoice when they’ve been charged and not every single time? It could otherwise be confusing for the customer to get 3-4 copies of the invoice sent.

Actually, now that I think about it, it only sends invoices. No reciept or anything. There need to be more status email templates.

When we add the tracking number, they don’t need another copy of the invoice, just an email that says “This is your tracking number: 23498237492” with a link to like FedEx or their order page so they can track it from there.

Also the option to select what color the order status icon is would be nice too.

When the order placement improvements are released, there will be a new order confirmation email sent when the the order is successfully placed - basically, an invoice with a different name. There is need for additional improvements to allow far greater flexibility in customer communications. You might want to vote/add your comments to this suggestion in the Ideas forum: