invoice not showing logo

Hi. My invoices aren't showing my logo. I've only added my logo through the new theme editor in v4. Is there somewhere else to set the logo for invoices?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Maybe press CTRL + F5 or clear the cache of the browser?

It's not just me. The logo isn't showing when my customers open their invoices.

There's a separate logo for invoices, hope you didn't miss on that.

Where can I alter that? I'm using CS4

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There's a separate logo for invoices, hope you didn't miss on that.


It's in the same place that you changed the store logo in the Theme editor. Just click on the mail button to specify the logo used in email/mail communications such as invoices etc.

Hi, sorry to revive old thread, but we have issue that even after setting mail logo in Theme, it just does not stick i.e. next time you open the Theme → Logo then the image is not there. Customer invoices just show blank area.

Hi there,

I have experienced this issue. I was able to upload the logos using the theme editor. However, they do not show on invoices, unless I am inside that storefront on the cscart backend.

If I am in "All Stores" - I get no logos

If I am in "the store that owns the logo" - I see the logo

I didn't know the logos had ownership applied to them or that they would not be available / have a different version in "All Stores"