Invoice ID issue


I have tested my site, and found an issue with Invoice ID. If I’m printing invoice for testing and then deleting order, all other invoices will be in incremental value.

For example:

I have delete order:#123 and invoice to order#3

If i will receive new order my invoice will be number #4 not #3

How can I reset my invoice number to #1 as I have finished testing my site…

Thank You

anybody know where in the database are the invoice order numbers? i was testing and had a couple orders and i want to reset the numbers. the orders are now at #10 but I want it at #1



In the database it’s orders_docs.

I ve remove all lines but when i create a new invoice memo, it’s thes last +1 and not the first.

I thinks last invoice memo is elsewhere.

I m still looking for…but no answer seen

Anyone has an idea or a way?

It’s OK.

  1. Create the “restore.sql” file in the “var/database/backup” directory of your CS-Cart installation with the following content:

    TRUNCATE cscart_order_docs;

  2. Log in to your administration panel, open the “Administration” tab and click on the “Database” link.

  3. Open the “Restore” tab, select the “restore.sql” file and click on the “Restore” button.

    Note that this SQL query will remove all records from the “cscart_order_docs” table

    Then order_docs begin with the invoice memo #1 > OK

    Like i had an old similar system at the invoice number #8546, i truncate the table, create by admin a new invoice memo #1 and i change it manually on database to #8546. then it’s ok, new invoice memo is #8547, #8548, #8549


    Best regards