Invoice email text change

I would like to add a sentence or two about expected delivery times (we custom make our products) after the standard:

“Dear customer” before the invoice which is emailed.

Could someone kindly show me exactly where the template is and where to insert my text.

I often find template files that look strange to me with references it seems to other files.

Thank You!

try adding the text you want to the appropriate order status response.

I have customized all mine here.

Home ----> Order Statuses

(html is allowed in the text boxes)


Thank you. I have never used any special emails only the default one for all orders after a credit card charge is processed.

So would the order status be “O” for "open "?

In the E-mail header?

if i am not mistaken (I have changed mine from the default)

O (open) is when customer uses money Order, Fax, Phone,

P (Processed) is when a Post Back occurs (Credit Card)

C (completed) is self explanatory (I send the shipping info on status C)


You are the best - thank you.

I have updated the email header for P as that seems to be the one that always goes out as I use credit cards.

Lets see how it works…

On occasion the failed or declined letter goes out but that may be it for now.

I usually type a letter by hand when the orders go out as the orders are custom made and may have different information.


Your suggestions worked smoothly.

Thanks again.