Invoice and Packing slip: space between fields


I have professional version 2.1.4

I’m working on layout of invoice (invoice.tpl) and packing slip (print_packing_slip.tpl)

I am using only profile fields that I have made.

My problem is:

When I print invoice or packing slip I get the profile field interlinead.

How can I remove such interlines and make more compact the fields?




I wish our friends at CS-Cart would remove the double spacing entirely from the address fields, it only creates problems for anyone wanting to copy/paste the addresses! :wink:


try editing this line of the code in the mentioned files:

Orangegirl, thanks for reply.

I explain better the situation.

For me the standard profile field in cs-cart are too restrictive. So I put

after {/if} in the line 70 of the print_packing_slip.tpl file.

In this manner now I use only the extra profile fileds that I have made in the admin area in the USERS/PROFILE FIELDS.

So If I make a changes to the

I don’t get nothing because now they are only comment.

I would like know where are setted the style margin for the extra_fields.

I have looked for in the file but no results.

In the print_packing_slip.tpl file I have these code strings:

{include file=“profiles/profiles_extra_fields.tpl” fields=$profile_fields.S} line 71

{include file=“profiles/profiles_extra_fields.tpl” fields=$profile_fields.B} line 174

{include file=“profiles/profiles_extra_fields.tpl” fields=$profile_fields.S} line 200

If I can modify the margin for exftra fields I get my goal.

Same thing to invoice.tpl file.

Thanks again for your help


[quote name=‘orangegirl’]Erbor,

try editing this line of the code in the mentioned files: