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I am looking to hire developers for following feature in Multi-Vendor Edition.

Amazon like Product Management.

Lets say I am a vendor and I wish to add a listing for iPhone 6 64 GB. When i go to the backend and click on add product, i see an option that says enter Product Name/SKU/EAN/Bar Code number(on the Product) to see if the product is already there on the website/Master Catalogue.[list]

[]If I enter iphone 6 - I see all the iphone 6 listings.

]If I enter the Bar Code Number on the iphone box, it pulls up an entry for iphone 6 64 GB entry

[]If i skip this step and continue making an entry and when i am trying to save my product, I should be prompted that a similar product already exists. Do I still want to make a duplicate entry. The entry going live will be subject to approval by administrator. It will go live if admin thinks this was false positive or there is considerable difference between two products.


A same product will have everything thing in common except for following that can be changed/added by every vendor:[list]





When Super User accesses the product details in the back-end he can see that one product has been assigned to multiple vendors. Each vendor has his own price/offer/promotion.

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