Invisible products

Hmm… I just got the uploading of a catalog to work. Uploading was successful after removing the no-longer-supported columns (manufacturer, pay by points, overrid points, override exchange rate and supplier id) and starting a new browser session after having run 1.35 and 2.0 in the same session.

However, none of my products show on the home page.

Categories were created correctly and if I go to the catalog tab and select a category, all the products show just fine.

However, on the home page there are no side boxes, no products, etc., only my welcome message and the the page footer.

Can anyone advise what I’m doing incorrectly or what’s missing in my setup?

URL is: [url][/url]

Appreciate any pointers or thoughts.


Delete the current categories block and create a new one. That is what I had to do to get the categories to show on the side. In fact I had to delete and create all of the blocks for them to show.

That seemed to work… Pretty strange…

thanks a bunch.