Inventory Problems

I’ve just bulk edited a few lines of stock and noticed a major problem.

Anything I bulk edit has been re-set to 0 stock, and I’ve just had to update my stock levels on about 30 lines because of this.

Also, any lines where I have ‘Product Options’ and ‘Track with Options’ selected, are also showing as Out of Stock, even though they are still showing as in stock on my site. :confused:

Can anyone help?

not sure if this is the same (for options)

but maybe try this:


Thanks Mike

Yet again you’ve saved the day. This was exactly what I needed to sort the problem out. :smiley:

Oh, it didn’t sort the products with Options out. They still show as out of stock when they’re not!!

I’ve got two different lines that, no matter what I do, show up as out of stock on my admin home page, but when you look at the item on my website, they’re in stock.

The weird thing is that I’ve also got other items with Products Options and Track with Options checked, and they don’t show up as out of stock… :confused:

It’s really starting to annoy me now.