Inventory decreased twice

Since v3, I’ve been having an annoying problem with new orders decreasing inventory twice.

  1. It seems to only happen with PayPal is used as a payment method.
  2. I get two separate email messages about Low Stock (if the threshold of 1 is reached), the first reports a quantity of 1 remaining, the second reports a quantity of 0 remaining.
  3. If there is only one item in inventory, I get a second Low Stock notification with -1 remaining and the order is set to Backordered.

    Order Statuses are set thus (I think these are default):

    Backordered: decrease

    Open: decrease

    Processed: decrease

    I’ve considering changing the Backordered or Open status to Increase - since orders are sitting in this status until the payment confirmation is returned from the processor - but the problem doesn’t exist when credit cards are used as payment method.

    I’m also considering the possibility that the order landing page is causing the problem. I defined an order landing page for PayPal to Auto Return to. It’s configured thru PayPal’s Website Payments Preferences to use a Return URL I set to [url=“”][/url] I suppose it’s possible that that page is updating the order status to Processed a second time, or perhaps I should be defining a secure URL (https) and the cart is redirecting and updating the order status a second time?

    Or maybe they are clicking the Back button to return to the store after paying at PayPal and that’s updating the order again?

    Any ideas?

Sometimes, writing it out in a forum post helps to think thru all the possible solutions. Sorry for displaying the though process…

Perhaps documenting the configuration error will help someone else someday.


I changed the Return URL to a secure connection (https) and that appears to have fixed the problem.

It's good when you have more than one PayPal account and can do a test like that… granted it was only tested twice - once to confirm the error, and a second time after the URL change. I might be “jumping the gun” and declaring this fixed.

I also discovered that when an order is given a Full Refund at PayPal, the order status in CS-Cart is updated to Cancelled automatically and inventory is increased - that's pretty smart of PayPal to be able to do that. It surprised me, I wonder what happens, if anything. when the payment is Partially Refunded?


Thanks for posting this!

I have been struggling with the same problem for some time. I was wondering is the isseu is really resolved for you?

I've checked and my order landing page [url=“”][/url] The ssl is set for this page but the browser says there is insecure content. The site uses SSL, but Google Chrome has detected insecure content on the page.[color=#444444] Be careful if you’re entering sensitive information on this page. Insecure content can provide a loophole for someone to change the look of the page.[/color]

Any Idea what this could be? Or how to fix it? I would ove to have this finally solved.

Hope you can help!


That message usually indicates that you have elements that are being pulled from other domains not via SSL. It could be an image that showing on the page (and coming from some other domain) or it could be the social network icons (not coming from an SSL environment).

It might stop the inventory update too if the user just exits the page after getting the error, or if the user cancels showing the rest of the page or something (since the page is not fully rendering, it might effect inventory updates - but that's just a guess).

Personally, I'm not really out of the weeds on the inventory debiting twice problem. This morning it happened with an order that was paid via Credit Card (PayPal processed the payment), but they never left my store to checkout. The inventory was debited twice and no email was sent to the admin or the customer. Confusing issue, with no errors in either the Apache error log, PHP error log, or the CS-Cart log. I suspect it's some kind of customer behavior that is causing it (using the back button), and the cart just debits the inventory again… but I don't know.

Still using v3.0.6, BTW.

thanks for you clarification. Still working to fix the issue also. I fixed the ssl issue but still getting double inventory debits ;-((

I'll keep you updated if I make any progress.