Inventory control


I have a question on inventory control. If Inventory tracking is set to “do not track” will we lose sales/order history within the cart?

The department doesn’t want to update the inventory number when it gets low. So when inventory tracking is turned off (it is currently “track without options”) does it just not adjust the inventory number so orders can be placed for the product all the time?

I hope this makes sense as i found the inventory page on the website with this paragragh (below) and i’m just trying to explain that :

‘First of all, you may enable or disable the tracking not only for the store as a whole, but also for individual products, meaning you can decide which items should be considered ‘unlimited’ and which not.’

thanks for any help.

Having inventory set to Do not track will basically ensure that all products are displayed for sale regardless of inventory status. So yes, if you mangage your inventory elsewhere (which you should anyway) then you can turn inventory tracking off.