Inventory Control On Downloads

I have a few products that are downloadable and sold on a limited basis. I need inventory control and the ability to have the customer download after purchase. Only problem is you can't have both options, as soon as I tick download the inventory control stops working. How can I have both?



In v2.2.1 Professional Edition

In core/fn.cart.php

Around line 1164 find the line:

continue; // don't track inventory

Change it to:

//continue; // don't track inventory

And that's it, I tested it and it works. And that works in previous versions.

Let me know if it works for you.

Sorry to post to this old topic.

I just wanted to thank angiesandy for asking this and ePlanetDesign for answering. We were in the same situation and found it of great help.

In v.4.1.5 we made the same fix (line 1741), and it seems to work correctly!