Inventory and out-of-stock message


I would like to show an out-of-stock message for product combinations that do not exist. This works (sort of), but then also products whose inventory is zero, show the same message. I would like to show another message on those, because they can still be ordered although the inventory is zero.

And this should work for combinations that have zero inventory as well. As it is now, nothing is shown for those combinations, simply “stock:” and nothing more. Even just a “stock: 0” would be better.

Thanks for any help


Okay, I seem to have got it to work. The problem was that no files seemed to update although I changed them. So… after deleting everything in the cache folders, my changes took effect.

So for everyone experiencing problems, check through your browser that it really loads the files you’ve changed! And if it doesn’t, then empty all cache folders and try again.