Invalid query: SELECT value FROM cscart_settings WHERE option_name='images_location'


I did a new installation (upgrade database 1.53 to 2.06) on localhost… Everything is ok on my localhost with upgrade… So nice!:slight_smile:

So I tried to install on live server :

I/ New installation in new folder (2.06), without data (clean database) : OK!

and after I tried :

1/ to delete database on live server (with mysql), and import database on live server(with mysql)… Import Ok! Data in live database, oK! But in administration blocks panel, there is no “blocks” for exemple… so to “customer” live site, no blocks… And same for category decsription, page, and more… But in cscart_blocks table, datas are presents…:expressionless:

Do you know, why, in live table database, datas are good, but in admin ou customers live site, datas are not present??:confused:

2/ So I tried to do like on localhost with a Clean database, and I used upgrade135sp4-206.php… But :

```php Database error: Table ‘4977_shop2.cscart_settings’ doesn’t exist (1146)

Invalid query: SELECT value FROM cscart_settings WHERE option_name=‘images_location’


File: /var/www/html/virtualdomains/22222/XXXX/www/cs/core/fn.database.php

Line: 233

Function: db_error

File: /var/www/html/virtualdomains/22222/XXXX/www/cs/core/fn.database.php

Line: 101

Function: db_query

File: /var/www/html/virtualdomains/22222/XXXX/www/cs/upgrade135sp4-206.php

Line: 148

Function: db_get_field


Thanks for your help!!:wink:

I give you, my upgarde 1.35sp4 to 2.06, with some change found on forum! Because original on “file area” was not good…