Intra-State tax variations (US)


I’m am looking around at cart software alternatives, and have run across CS-Cart recently after reviewing many others. I currently maintain an online store in a custom software package which is lacking in features and is getting more and more expensive to modify to add features in a patchwork fashion.

In researching cart packages, one of the things which has become painfully clear is that most, if not all, of them do not offer the ability to create a default tax rate for a state (in the U.S.) and then create tax rates on a per-city basis as well. We’re based in California and taxes must be gathered depending on which city is shipped to and the taxes vary city-by-city. Until we can move from this crazy state into a saner one, we need a cart solution which allows us to charge tax based on city.

Is this possible with CS-Cart? Is there a good resource of developers who are of very high quality to whom we could go when we need custom modifications of CS-Cart?

There are other things to take in to consideration, but this tax issue has been a bit of a bellweather for us when determining which cart package we might want to switch to.

Any help you folks here could give would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Ted,

You can set up “Locations” in CS-Cart which can go all the way down to an address level (Country, State, Zip Code, City, Address)! Then assign those locations to the sales tax rates you set up. So, you can put in all of your tax rates for the separate cities then just link the locations to their respective rate.

Now, don’t ask me how to import this information into the database because I’m definitely not experienced enough to answer that question. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.




Thank you for this! Well, luckily in this case, there aren’t TOO many exceptions to the rule, so I don’t mind hand-entering the information just the one time. My primarily concern was whether it was possible at all. That CS-Cart can do this makes a huge difference.

Thanks again!



I am based in California, and this is news to me. When I got my resale licence I was told by the person helping me @ the board of equalization that I only need to charge the sales tax rate for my county.

I hope this is the case, as this is my first year and business and have yet to pay up my sales tax dues.

The only exception to this would be if you have offices in multiple county’s

But yes, CS cart will allow you to charge diffrent rates by zip code


Homesushibar is basically correct - or so it seems from the BOE publication #44


You need to collect CA State tax on all sales in California if you have Nexus (an office or store for example).

For local sales within CA other than where you are you only need to collect tax from within your tax district.

Did someone tell you otherwise?