Internet Explorer Error--Need Help

Everything was good this am and I am now getting phone calls from customers trying to order product.

It happens after adding an item to the cart and then proceeding to checkout. I can duplicate it in IE but do not have any issue with Firefox.




Okay it seems as you made some changes to the checkout, Because SSL is not enabled during checkout. It must be an image that has a full http:// link and is causing a problem with the https://

As far I can see it’s this image here; [url][/url]

you should make it https or have it uploaded to your images directory and link it as;

images/pics/ringsruf.jpg or whatever.

Let me know if that helps


you’re awsome. thank you.

i have removed it for now which appears to have solved the issue/error we were getting.

weird though, i added that line of code a couple of days ago and sufferd no ill effects until this afternoon.

again, thank you


No problem, glad you got that sorted :wink: