Internet explorer and css columns

I have edit skins/basic/customer/views/product_features/view_all.tpl to show all products page in 6 columns.

It works fine in all other browser except the Internet Explorer 8, it stil shows product in only one column.

I still evaluate CS cart 3.06 so I can learn some things before buy.

My view_all.tpl code is:

```php {if $view_all_filter}

{assign var=“filter_qstring” value=$smarty.request.q|fn_query_remove:“result_ids”:“filter_id”:“features_hash”}

{split data=$view_all_filter size=“1” assign=“splitted_filter” preverse_keys=false}

{foreach from=$splitted_filter item="group"}

{foreach from=$group item="ranges" key="index"}



{if $ranges}

{else} {/if}

{/if} ```

Any help, please?


Stil no solution.

Anybody please?

Is there any other solution to “show_all” in columns?

I'm near 60 years old and not so good in programming.

Please anybody!

Thank you in advance

F. Majer

No one knows???


I'm completely and utterly confused as to what you are trying to do.

“skins/basic/customer/views/product_features/view_all.tpl” - controls layout of product features on the 'view all' page (ie. index.php?dispatch=product_features.view_all)

“show all products page in 6 columns” - if I am not mistaken, you want to show your products in 6 columns on the product list page. Settings>Appearance>"Number of columns in the product list: " Set value to 6.

Ok, let me explain:

I use filter for model and in filter is option “view all”

So in all other browsers show all product list like this:

Only in IE 7/8 show list in one single column.

This is my problem, I hope you understand what I mean.

Thank you StellarBytes to let me explain!