Internet Explorer 9 Support?

Hey again

I just noticed that Cs cart is not really supported in IE9. I don't really care about the admin panel because i use other browsers but IE9 it's not such an old browser to just forget about it. Yeah it's crap but people still use it.

I made some graphic changes in CSS (custom CSS) and everything looks as it should in Firefox and Chrome but in IE don't show any changes. For example i made a CSS changes at product page (different font colors, different paddings, different price colors etc.) and in IE it looks like i didn't change anything (like it was before). Firefox and Chrome shows the changes, IE doesn't. I wonder if this is related with custom CSS. Maybe Firefox and Chrome overwrite the “old css” with “custom css” and IE doesn't do that? There is also just one CSS file in HTML some kind of cache or what. So pretty hard to find which CSS in included and from where. Any way to include CSS files separately?

Also this caching system in CS cart 4.1.x is really annoying. I can't turn it off. Need to delete it manually with &cc in admin panel every time i want to see any changes. Whats going on?

No matter what i choose “ON” or “OFF” for: “Rebuild cache automatically” option i got the same result. Older version of CS cart has Live and developer mode or something like that and this was great now it's strange.

So how can i disable CACHE completelly and what to do about IE9 issues and how to solve it and how to inlude CSS files separately?

Well if anyone will have the same problems with IE9 that was the case. I added a custom CSS with CS cart visual editor. Well i found a css file for custom CSS and upload it directly but i guess it's the same as if i will be using visual editor and enter it there.

CSS is later some how generated and builded into a single file. But custom CSS in my case appear somewhere in the middle of that file and classes like .list-price etc are used after the custom css as well. So what i did is:

1.) found a smarty index.tpl file (design/themes/basic_clone/templates/index.tpl)

2.) open that file and add a link to custom (my) CSS file right before tag () - make sure this is the last CSS file which will be included so should be at the end of the section

3.) Upload index.tpl file again and clear cache

And it's working now. Still need some IE tweeks but it works. By the way “Discount tags” like “Save 25%” which appears over the product images are also not displayed in IE9.

Any suggestions about disabling cache?

according to this website ie9 is used by approximatly 2% of user at the moment.

Isn't there better things to be sorting out?


overall statistics here [url=“”][/url]

i think that this was mentioned before.

to make ie9 compatible with your site do this:

In your index.tpl directly under the tag insert this meta-tag:

mrfoameruk: Well i am not making a webshop for myself but for my client and it must be as good as it can be. Maybe you are right and there are just 2% of IE 9 users even if i think there are more than just 2%. Sure there are other thing but every thing is important at the end. 2% less customers here, 3% less customers there and quickly you are about to lose 10 or 20% for details like this. 10 or 20% less customer than it could be it's not a joke anymore. Especially if you are into SEO as well and you know that every customers and visitors is important and hard to get. So why lose it for a details like that.

Akistdm: Thanks for that i will try this. It's pretty hard to find solutions like that on this forum.