Internet Explorer 7

Has anyone tested CS-cart with new Internet Explorer 7 already? Final is out and can be downloaded at Microsoft site: [url][/url]

not yet. just downloaded it and ill tryit. thanks for the link

I wasn’t aware that the final version had been released, since I use Firefox. I have just downloaded it too and will play around this weekend. Thanks!

I’ve been using IE7 for about a month no and haven’t noticed anything crazy going on.

I’ve been use it for several months and no problems. I do like the tab browsing feature they added.

[quote name=‘compernicus’]I didn’t realize that IE 7 had been released yet since I use Firefox, but I have downloaded it and will give it a try. I am glad to hear that others have used it without problems.[/QUOTE]IE was in Beta, don’t know if it has been released yet. I do like the way IE 7 shows a secure site by displaying the url in Green, or Red if it is a bogus site. The also added RSS autodetect and subscribe. Now you don’t need an RSS reader as it is built into IE 7.

cs-cart works in ie7 final. no probs detected yet.

just downloaded it yesterday. everything works fine in it. it does have some nice features

no problems…

I just downloaded IE7 for our Windows 2003 Server only to find out that CS Cart does NOT work correctly. The main problem I see so far is you can NOT add items to the shopping cart. When you click on the “add” button it doesn’t do anything.



IE7 on Windows 2003 Server has JavaScript disabled by default - and this’ll cause various parts of CS-Cart to fail as the included skins rely on JavaScript to work properly.

Does this happen with Ajax turned off for cart features ?

It should do - the buttons in the skins I’ve looked at (I haven’t had chance to check them all) use onclick events to submit the forms and if JavaScript is turned off then the buttons don’t do anything.

It might be worth stating that JS needs to be enabled while browsing the site? I havent downloaded IE7 yet and i need IE6 for development, might put it on the lappie to test everything then.

I can’t seem to figure out why IE 7 does not display items in View Cart or Checkout.

I have just downloaded IE 7 and have 1.3.5 cscart

Whats the deal with this ??

Dec 6th.

I already had scripting enabled in IE settings, did I miss something ??? I could not find anyother JS enable option.


Started to work fine. I am not sure why. I did enable listmania…

I have multiple customers complaining about not being able to load items into the cart. Anyone else have this issue? They are all using IE6-7.

This is quite disconcerting. I am moving my cart over to CS-Cart and not being compatible with all browsers is quite an issue.

taylorsnutrition and anyone else:

wondering if you are still having these issues with ie 6/7 about customers not being able to add to cart?


It does not seem to be a browser issue ONLY… its actually related to session cookies and has been discussed at Click Here. CS-Cart is aware of the issue.

I’m working on switching my cart over, but these kinds of issues really worry me.

Is anyone running CS-Cart currently and processing over 200 orders a day?

Seeing if this is even possible with some of the current bugs.