International Traffic?

Question. I am speaking with a SEO company about getting better international traffic. We are a US company with a .com domain, and even though Google Analytics does show some traffic from outside countries, I'd love to get more.

I've been told by the SEO company that we spoke to, that we need a few international domains setup, for starters.

So, instead of just having, we'd get, in a perfect world, set up on a uk server, on an india server, etc.

Then they want me to install cscart on each site. BUT would that not mean I'd have x# of admins to check for new orders? Is there a way to use one site for all international domains? I thought about creating simple blogs for eac international domain rather than duplicate the entire site, but Im guessing the cart itself has more content and will rank better than a simple blog?

Has anybody tried these methods with CS-Cart?

I have no clue about the SEO end of things, but unless you plan on using the community version for each installation, you'll need to purchase a separate license for each. Something to think about I guess.

Another option is to wait until January when the MultiStore version is scheduled to be released. It is supposed to come with “licenses” for up to 4 stores. This will allow you to run multiple stores from one admin.

I hope that helps, at least a little bit.



If you are having each of the different sites run under different languages, then there is no need for multiple sites (just a good hosting site). You can always use htaccess to do things like rewrite to Website Hosting -, to Website Hosting -, etc… This will invoke your single site with different languages so the admin costs go way down.

Of course, you will want to submit Google Merchant feeds in multiple languages and multiple currencies too and they might have to be submitted to and, etc. rather than

Worst case is that for SEO purposes you might need to use a proxy server for each domain so that it appears they are actually hosted in the countries where the domains are associated. But this could increase your network latency to a point where it is not an advantage (don't confuse latency with bandwidth from a performance perspective).

I am not an SEO expert (and I really believe NO ONE IS) so my opinions should be taken as just that, opinions. Wouldn't hurt to try it with or something to see how the rankings go and what the webmaster tools tell you.

Thanks for the replies.

Setting up languages in CS-Cart and bouncing visitors to my site, but in a different language, might be a good idea but it still doesn't help with or .in or .au domains, which apparently - according to the SEO folks - a big deal.

Hello, ckad79!

We recommend you to use our Multishop system Please note, you will have to buy a separate license for each of your on-line stores or, alternatively, you can acquire CS-Cart community version.

Don't hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions.

Best regards, Alt-team

So why wouldn't you use a rewrite rule like I described above?