International Shipping

Is it possible to allow all countries to place orders in the cart, but when it comes the checkout, for all countries apart from the UK, say something like shipping to be advised.

The best you can do with the current implementation is use Localizations to restrict the available shipping methods based on location. However, you would still need to create some shipping method or your customer is going to get the shipping unavailable message. I guess you could change the message in Languages to your “shipping to be advised” message.

This is another example of why we need improvements in the shipping area. I have wanted the ability to require a shipping quotation because we ship product on pallet by freight companies and always get a quote so the customer pays the least cost for shipping. Your request is basically the same thing - get the customer to checkout and then get a shipping quote.


Yes thats exactly what I am looking for, lets hope it is in the next upgrade, but dont hold your breath!