Intergrations and Few Others


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Here are the answers:

[quote]1) Is there a way to make make the review product and tell a friend area show up as links instead that way if your not logged in then you are directed to the login page. I think it just clutters up your product page with forms.

2) Is there a way to make the news page only show a description and then you can click the title link to go to the full news story? Reason being - if you want to provide a news area with detailed information - it becomes a bit daunting with x amount of news stories listed on the page.[/quote] No, default CS-Cart doesn’t support these. Both changes will require some custom development to make them work in the described way.

[quote]3) We use BluePay and switching becomes a process I don’t really want to come across again. Could or would anyone be willing to try to intergrate it for us? They have details on how to do it on blue pay. Our budget is so small so any help would be much appreciated.[/quote] You may order our custom development service. CS-Cart specialist will integrated BluePay payment gateway for you in the most professional way. This work will cost you $175.

Don’t hesitate to ask any other questions you have regarding CS-Cart functionality or our services.

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