We are trying to intergrate outbrain rating widget to replace the origional rating funtion. Here is the code:


Each product has different “OutbrainPermaLink” value, and rating stars show under the product code.

Do we have to build a custom Add on for this? Is there any simple way to do it? Please help. Thank you.

If you are adding it in a .tpl file you will have to add in the smarty stuff to be able to use javascript in it. Are you adding that around the javascript?

Thinking about 2 ways to do this:

  1. build a filed for each product to execute js file, and place them under product code
  2. build a template(contain js file) and need a field for each product, which can pass a value to this template.

    But how to make a tempalte file??? we are more familiar with asp than php. Anyone can help?