Interesting Word From Paypal Is This Possible?

I have contacted PayPal about cs cart not verifying all of my vendors paypal accounts. They have informed me that whether they are business or personal accounts that it doesn't matter. I am getting a not verified error on several vendors while several work. With correct first and last name associated with the account.

From PayPal

As far as accounts being verified I am not to sure what causes that to show up. They do not have to have a business account to receive the money. All they need is a confirmed email address and they will be all set. Is the non-verified status preventing the transactions from going through?

If it is you will need to reach out to Cs cart to see if there is a way to turn that feature off. PayPal will not stop the transaction for that reason.

Is there a way to turn off the verification process and if so will paypal still work accordingly, or will it no longer work with cs cart?