integrity check failed

Hi i just moved my site to new host and now i get this [color=#C09853]integrity check failed.[/color]

How do i get rid of this thing?

i am on the same domain as before and i simply copid the files from one host to anotter and imported database.

so same files same domain but i am shure i am missing somthing but waht?


Clear your site cache, many objects use a full pathname.

Hi thanks but it dos not work!!

I cleard chace via ssh and when i try to put my store back in to full mode i get that same error.

I searched the database for a difrent domain (i have a difrent domain on same ip for development on difrent server) becurs this server was build in development and put to use wen it was ready.

And the was a few entrys for the development domain. So is it safe to delete or rename them youthink?

EDIT.: sorryfor user switch but i am on my tablet and domt have access to BaDTaG from here

Okay so cs-cart support came true and fixd the problem. I can not post the solution becurs it is not the same for all.

So for fix pleas contact cs-cart support