Integration With Taxcloud

Has anyone here used or developed a CS-Cart to integration? I would love to partner with some other CS-Cart users and have an add-on developed that integrated with TaxCloud to auto calculate sales tax.

disclosure: I have zero association with TaxCloud.

One of my shopping carts is on Spark Pay (formerly Americommerce) and they integrate with TaxCloud. When setting up sales tax in Spark Pay there are a few options, with one of them being TaxCloud. Simply clicking the integration button in the admin area is all you have to do to set up the correct sales tax in the shopping cart. In addition to that, TaxCloud creates a spreadsheet (or you can have it auto pay the sales tax for you) you can download with sale broken out property by sales tax requirements in your state.

This is similar to other companies like Avalara, but the difference is that TaxCloud is very inexpensive. Based on my sales volume, Avalara would run me approximately $10K per year. No thanks, I will look else where or manually do it.

If any reseller or add-on builder wants to take this on, I will be your first customer, or I would split the cost with anyone else here who might use it. I thought it would be worth a shot!

Here's a link to the TaxCloud API: