Integrating with Wordpress

I have a website called that is Wordpress is based and does reviews for video games and gadgets. Recently we implemented a design change and part of the reviews now includes prices at different retailers as well as product specs.

I have used CS-Cart in the past and liked it and was wondering if I can use the multi-vendor edition with Wordpress. The idea is that products and their details are entered in cs-cart. Now, i am not sure how similar products between different vendors work in cs-cart.

So once the product is in the database, it will probably have an id. Now anytime we publish any article in Wordpress related to the product, it should pick two things from cs-c: the product details as well as where to buy which will basically show which vendor in cs-c is carrying that product at what price. Clicking on that takes you to cs-c. On the product details side, it would be awesome if it can be compared to similar products as well

That is the idea in a nutshell. Could this be done? Here is a sample review on tbreak. You will see tabs for specifications and Where to buy but right now, specs doesnt work and Where to buy is a manual kind of entry.