Integrating Custom Form

(CS-Cart 3.03)

I need to integrate a form into CS-Cart. I stress that this is NOT built in the CS-Cart administration area.

This form requires its own javascript either inline or pulled in via link. The output of form will be processed via php script in /cgi-bin and data stored to MySql table unconnected with CS_Cart database.

I guess I can use a custom html block with an iframe?

What I need to achieve is:

  1. Form ONLY available to logged in registered customers - perhaps only to customers who have made a successful purchase and payment.

  2. Extract one or more fields from the CS-Cart user profile to populate a field/s visible or hidden in the form.

    If this is not going to be achievable, I will just have to place a link on the 'success' page to the script / form and find a way to pass some variables in the URL

    Perhaps someone has achieved this / similar already?